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Welcome to St. Mark's Parish

In imitation of JesusChrist, we welcome all people to worship and celebrate God's all-inclusive love with us. Whoever you are, wherever you are in your life, we thank you for choosing to be here with us.

Father Tom Easter Message
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May the fullness of the blessings of Easter be upon you and all your loved ones!

The event we celebrate today, and for the next fifty days, is a sharing in the victory of Jesus himself over sin and death. Sin, in that he took upon himself all of our transgressions against God his Father, and death, in that he suffered the penalty of these sins on our behalf, meaning that there is no longer a punishment waiting to be given to us. We are truly set free.

In this freedom we are given a pathway to become the people we were created and intended to be – the children of God, made in His image and likeness. That reality is so filled with joy and peace that we can scarcely believe it. And it takes time and energy to begin to probe what it means for our day-to-day lives. That is the reason for the fifty days of Easter, that we might continue to grow in our understanding and acceptance of this wondrous gift.

This gift will include a deepened belief that all of the difficulties and hardships we endure in this life can become steps towards the same joy that Jesus experienced when coming froth from the tomb. This will first be felt as hope, but it will soon lead to a transformation of our view of life that life itself is changed for us. It is a step by step process. And it begins by seeing that what was done for Jesus by his Father in raising him from the dead is offered to us as well.

When we proclaim that Jesus is risen we also profess that we, too, are invited to journey to our own personal resurrection. This movement to new life begins with that simple proclamation: “He is Risen!” But what flows forth from that simple statement is filled with wonder and mystery. May we enter into the exploration of this great time of all good things with hearts filled with hope and even excitement as to what is possible.

God bless you on this wondrous day and always!

In His Love,

Fr. Tom

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