The St. Mark Confirmation Program is a two year program for students in the 8th and 9th grade.  8th grade will have lessons in Christology with Father Dave along with 8th graders from our sister parishes of St. Mary and Sacred Heart.  The 9th graders will come back to St. Mark’s for lessons from the Dynamic Catholic’s Decision Point Program!
9th Grade – select Wednesdays,  7pm – 8:30pm
January 23, 2019:  Confirmation  –  Click here to view the videos.
December 12, 2018:  The Holy Spirit  –  Click here to view the videos.  
Opening Prayer Music for Holy Spirit – Danny Gokey – More than you think I Am –  iTunes link
November 14, 2018:  What’s Holding you back? – Click here to view the videos
The book you received is yours and you should feel comfortable sharing personal thoughts as you would in a Diary.  As such take good care of the book and only share your entries when you feel comfortable.  We are hoping it will become a keepsake and a guide for you as you move on into college and young adult life.  God Bless you!
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Are you ready to engage the young people of your parish in a life-changing conversation about the genius of Catholicism?

For too long we have watched young people walk away from the faith. The tragedy is, most of them have never had the genius of Catholicism presented to them in a compelling way. So they have walked away, completely unaware of what they were turning their backs on.

Something has to change. Everyone knows it. It’s time.

This is different. One look at the materials for DECISION POINT and that is clear. It looks different because it is different. But it’s not just different in how it looks and feels. The way we developed it was very different from how Catholic programs have been developed in the past.

And it’s not just different for the sake of being different. It’s different for a reason. Let’s be honest—the old way isn’t working. Eighty-five percent of young Catholics stop practicing their faith within ten years of their Confirmation.

Different is needed.

DECISION POINT is different in a hundred ways.

Click on the link below to go to the Dynamic Catholic website and view the program overview.